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ALS is the most devastating neurodegenerative disease1

Progressive weakness is the cardinal symptom of ALS and a leading cause of dysphagia, even in the absence of overt bulbar symptoms.2,3

Approximately 80% of ALS patients are unable to swallow due to dysphagia, making tablet medication dangerous and distressing to administer.4,5

ALS is the most devastating neurodegenerative disease
to Teglutik®

Teglutik® is the first oral liquid suspension formulation of riluzole, the only licensed treatment for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most common type of motor neuron disease (MND).

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For additional information about MND you can visit the Motor Neurone Disease Association website. The Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on MND care, research and campaigning